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Long-term care is one of the most important financial issues facing your members. An American Academy of Actuaries 1999 study estimates 40% of adults ages 18-64 and 57% ages 65 and older will need long-term care. Most of those who will need long-term care will be forced to spend their savings for care. 

Nationwide, in 2001, care-giving families spent $2 billion per month of their own money providing care to family members. 

This table illustrates the financial exposure to your members and the Credit Union.

 For Every


 Mature members
33.3% will spend  time in a care facility 3,330  Members in care
Average 3.1 years per LTC event 10,323  Years spent in care
Average cost of $70,000 per year $722,610,000  Spent on Long-Term Care
2.1% VA benefits $15,174,810  Paid by VA Benefits
4.9% Private Insurance or other source $35,407,890  Paid by Private Ins. or other sources
8.2% Medicare $59,254,020  Paid by Medicare
47.6% Medicaid / Public Assistance $343,962,360  Paid by Medicaid / Public Assistance
37.2% Out of Pocket $268,810,920  Paid by Your Members

Capstone was formed on the premise that we can be the very best home for the elite LTCI producer and the very best in the industry at partnering with affiliates. With elite agents nationwide, our organization is unlike any other in the industry. There are no �novices� or �trainees� meeting with your members. Working with the �A Team� translates into extraordinary benefits for your members and results for your organization.